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Introduction: Season 7
Role: Main character

Name: Jennifer Alston
Age: 29
Sexuality: Bisexual


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blue eyes, long wavy dark brown hair, slender and medium height


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many light and beige colors, casual chic stule. doesn't like anything too tight for her everyday style.


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simple gets you far. strong believer in the little black dress.



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mark sloan, arizona robbins, alex karev and christina yang are the ones she considers her closest friends

her person

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jo wilson


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she dated jackson avery, which ended badly so they aren't really close anymore. after getting over him, she got involved with arizona robbins for a while, when she and callie torres wasn't a thing but that ended pretty quickly and now they are just really good friends. her current relationship is a messy, but passionate, relationship with mark sloan.


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she believes in herself first of all, and have a hard time trusting anyone else but her. she rarely cares about what anyone else thinks of her and she tries to practice self love on a daily basis. she can come across as self-centered, but really she is just great at what she does and she knows she is. some might think she is mean, and she can be, but that is usually because she likes her bubble and finds it difficult to let everyone in all the time.

Quotes / Things she would say

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