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Today another zodiac about princesses🌸
I grew up watching disney movies that's why they are so special for me
If you love disney princesses, check which one you are 💖 💖

Aries ♈️

Image by sam Image by sam disney, fairytale, and disneyland image purple, aesthetic, and dress image south korea image aesthetic, flowers, and green image

Taurus ♉️

emma watson, beauty and the beast, and belle image rose, flowers, and aesthetic image disney, beauty and the beast, and cup image beautiful, beauty and the beast, and fairy image beauty and the beast, la belle et la bete, and castle image girl image

Gemini ♊️

blue, dress, and snow image ice, white, and aesthetic image crown, crystal, and Queen image winter, snow, and castle image Image by lina book cover, ice, and snow image

Cancer ♋️

flowers, aesthetic, and wedding image forest, nature, and light image green and crocodile skin image beautiful, boat, and lily pads image frog, flowers, and rain image tarot, cards, and magic image

Leo ♌️

aesthetic, aladdin, and jasmine image aladdin, fantasy, and jasmine image Image by tenderly Image by Nadine tiger, animal, and theme image girl, dress, and fashion image

Virgo ♍️

aesthetic, blonde, and hair image flowers, aesthetic, and cottagecore image fairy tale, fantasy, and flowers image aesthetic, disney, and fairytale image dress, feet, and white image castle, aesthetic, and pink image

Libra ♎️

hair, fashion, and Dolce & Gabbana image black, book, and disney image cottagecore and cottage image mirror, forest, and slytherin image clothes, laundry, and clothesline image princess image
Snow white

Scorpio ♏️

beautiful, korea, and asian image garden, nature, and pavilion image katana, sword, and japan image aesthetic, asia, and beautiful image flowers image aesthetic and girl image

Sagittarius ♐️

hair, girl, and photography image fantasy image beautiful, Sunny, and woods image blue, forest, and night image beautiful, green, and landscape image castle, sea, and medieval image

Capricorn ♑️

cinderella, disney, and princess image disney, wedding cake, and disney wedding image dior, dior dress, and dress image aesthetic and light image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image bed, decor, and Dream image

Aquarius ♒️

beauty, model, and woman image aesthetic, girl, and pirate image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by too many ocs Image by уυησ🥀 druid image

Pisces ♓️

aesthetic, girl, and ocean image photography, shell, and dollarfordiaster image beach, sea, and mermaid image Temporarily removed light, water, and bubbles image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

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