In all actuality, there is no one specific notebook that you have to use to start a bullet journal. You can use an old lined journal you have lying around, a composition notebook from Walmart, or a binder with loose leaf paper.

But, if you do want to purchase a more specialized notebook for, keep reading this section for reviews and recommendations
The most common notebooks used for bullet journaling are dot grid, A5 notebooks.
Leuchtturm1917s are the most popular, and they are highly sought after in the bullet journal community. You can pick one up on Amazon for around $20 in the USA, plus shipping and handling.


I currently use a Leuchtturm1917 for my main journal, and I love it. It has a beautiful and minimalist design that makes it appropriate for all occasions, including professional career settings. It also has a lot of very nice features that you won’t find on your standard notebook. They include:

249 dot grid pages with 8 perforated pages in the back
Hard, durable cover
Numbered pages
Built in index
Tons of color options
Elastic closure band
2 ribbon bookmarks
Paper pocket on back inside cover for receipts, notes, etc.
Sticker labels for archiving
Thread bound, lay-flat design
Acid-free paper

There are only a couple noteworthy negative aspects, but they are definitely worth knowing before you purchase an LT1917. The pages are not bright white; they are a cream color, which can be off-putting for some people. While you can buy a pen loop for your LT1917, it does not come standard with one. Also, the paper is 80gsm, making it slightly thinner than other comparable journals. Some people are really bothered by ghosting, where your writing shows through on the other side of the page without actually bleeding through. I will say, almost every pen I’ve used has some ghosting in the LT1917. So, it’s something to keep in mind if you plan on purchasing an LT1917.

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Scribbles that Matter

I cannot write a personal review of the Scribbles that Matter notebook as I have never used one. However, they are also gaining popularity in the bullet journal community, and there are a number of reasons why.

185 dot grid pages (recently announced they are increasing to 201 pages)
100gsm paper, which is thicker and more resistant than the LT
Hard, durable cover
Lots of color options
Ivory paper
Built in Index
Numbered pages
Key code page
Included pen test page
Pen loop
Elastic closure
Cover pocket for receipts, notes, etc.
2 ribbon bookmarks
Lay-flat design

As far as features go, the Scribbles that Matter notebook actually has more than the Leuchtturm1917 for the same price, like the pen test pen test page, and key code page. However, the one complaint I have seen most frequently is that the the cover is too unprofessional.

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Moleskine: The Moleskine notebooks are another popular option for bullet journaling. They are slightly smaller than A5 size, but they come in Lined, Dotted, and Squared pages. They are typically a little cheaper than the the Scribbles TM and LT1917, and they can be found in certain big box stores like Target.

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NUUNA: They have beautiful cover designs and thick ivory pages. The dot grid spacing is smaller than the other journals mentioned, coming in at a 3.5mm in comparison to 5mm. It’s also slightly larger than A5 size by about 1/2″ on the top and sides. They are stunningly beautiful, but they lack all the additional features of the LT1917 and Scribbles TM. There are no bookmarks, closures, pockets, indexes, or page numbers. But if you want a really pretty, unique journal, this is a fun option.

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Rhodia Webnotebook: This notebook has 192 pages of 90gsm ivory paper, an elastic closure, a ribbon bookmark, and is marketed as being fountain pen friendly. The Rhodia is slightly cheaper than the LT1917 and Scribbles TM.

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Discbound Dot Grid Journal: A discbound journal is the next notebook on my wishlist. You can rearrange the pages, take pages out, or add additional pages if needed. Currently, there aren’t a lot of options for these, but if you do a search on Etsy, you will find a lot of unique cover designs that include dot grid paper and a laminated cover.

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