Hello everyone and welcome to @thehoneyclub's first ever theme week!

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Before we begin, though, we'd like to say goodbye to one of our writers who is leaving...

Suva (you may all know her as @peachybalmn) is no longer going to be part of THC, but we all still wish her the best in life and college! We'll miss you so much on here!! ♡

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So what is a theme week?
Throughout this last week of July we will have special articles on the same topic which all members of the club will write in pairs!

Without further ado, let's get started!

1- Introduction ♩♪♫

In the last week of each month, the team will make a special week with daily articles written in pairs. All the articles be surrounded around the same topic, we also plan to collaborate with all of you in future thematic weeks! So stay tuned!

On the first day of that week, we will explain the chosen topic and explore the post schedule and calendar during that week, and during the following days you will have three articles in pairs, and one in which we will all participate.

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2- Schedule:

Sunday (today!!): Introductory article for the theme week by @thehoneyclub.

Monday: First article by @_kateriina_ & @mp4dreams


Tuesday: Second article by @Alejandralahey

Wednesday: Third article by @vintagefemme & @s_rdk_1


Thursday: Article by all of us!

Friday: Surprise BONUS topic by us!


3- And the theme is...

One second! Before revealing the surprise theme, we want to tell you that during the next thematic week you will be in charge of deciding the theme. We will give you several options and you can vote your favorite here and on our instagram account (here’s a link that brings you to all our accounts on other platforms) But do not worry, we will notify you all of this in future articles!


And now, we have decided that the first theme of our thematic weeks is: summer !!

This year has been very hard and we need positivity more than ever. In order to cheer us all up, what is better than articles with many summer vibes?

We hope you like it and see you soon in our theme week!

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Article written by the @thehoneyclub team