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We all know the movie were shit and then the show come up and were also shit. But today I'm only going to do a better version of the movie, as you can read by the title.

I already did this, you can check it out this too.
Warning: curses, theory building, unpopular opinions and of course lot of spoilers
Btw I don't have a degree in cinema or anything like that, this is just for fun.
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Now, let's start...

This movie was released in 2013, in this time lot of young adult books were getting a cinematic adaptations.

Let's begin with the new stuff:
The first thing I would change is the music, I kinda hate the sountrack. I would like just music like what Stranger Things do, or to be in the same lane, the music of The Hunger Games or Harry Potter kinda vibe.

jace, the mortal instruments, and clary image city of bones, jace, and the mortal instruments image
Especially the song of this scene, NO just NOOO.
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I think this movie is truthful to the books, it's obvious that in adaptations they change some things because you only have 2 hours for this. BUT we need Raphael Santiago so don't worry about it, I'm going to add him to the cast. Also we need better CGI, please.

And the most important part, for the runes I would like they look like real scars, already heal scars, you know white and textured. I will give zero fucks if the actors spends thousands of hours in makeup fx, they will have runes scars.

On the other hand, I would like to keep the locations that were used in this movie, I really like the institute and the house of Clary.

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This scene where Clary is in a trance of some shit like that, she draws all this angelic runes and I really like this scene. I wold like to keep something like that too.

I dont have a problem with the cast of the movie, Lily Collins was perfect for Clary, Jamie Campbell Bower also perfect and I don't have anything to say about Robert Sheehan he is the reason if I see this movie on tv, I won't change the channel because I love him and fun fact about me: Simon is my favorite character in TMI saga.
But I'm remaking the movie, so we need new actors according to the age of the original characters or at least look young.

Clary Fray // Sophia Lillis
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She looks like Clary in the books, especially in the first image. She's 18 now ,Clary has 15 in the first book. We know she is a really good actress. And I recall Clary was small, and Sophia is 5ft 0
Jace Wayland // George Sear
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I pick him cause I think he is really cute and pretty, he is 22 though. I wanted to put maximum 20 years actors but he has my heart. So George is my new Jace.
Simon Lewis// Jaren Lewison
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I'm not gonna lie, I'm crazy obsessed with him and he could be a great Simon, he is 19 years old and really cute.
Alec Lightwood// Cole Sprouse
Image by amira_isidora Image by amira_isidora
I think Alec is like 18 or 19 in the first book, Cole is 27 years old but he looks really young, I put this pictures specifically so i can sell this to you. He looks really good with black hair.
Isabelle Lightwood// Rowan Blanchard
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I'm not sure with her yet, but stay with me imagine Rowan with long black hair and a silver whip. She could be a really cool Izzy and she is 18 years old.

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Love, Val