inspired by:

♡ short term

1. save up with a part-time job

money, ghetto, and luxury image jar, money, and travel image

2. graduate college with my bachelor's degree

makeup image flowers, high school, and school image

3. make your relationship work, even when it gets hard sometimes

bedroom, boyfriend, and kiss image couple, love, and Relationship image

4. prioritise your happiness

beach, girl, and sunset image beach, bff, and friendship image

5. dedicate days to self-care

girl, beauty, and face mask image art, bath, and design image

6. get my driving licence

adventure, aesthetic, and blue image car, desert, and ponytail image

♡ long term

1. get a tattoo

tattoo and crown image tattoo and couple image

2. work as a perioperative theatre nurse

medical, studygram, and notes image Dream, hospital, and med image

3. learn french

Image by Private User english, french, and learn french image

4. get engaged and move out

engaged, she said yes, and proposal of marriage image aesthetic, apartment, and bambi image

5. travel

city, travel, and wanderlust image travel, sky, and plane image

6. learn to cook from my parents

activities, family, and girls image aesthetic and ulzzang image