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im bored and procrastinating and this looks fun so...

10 things i want in my dream home

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a city view
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a nice pool
decor, design, and shoes image
a sneaker wall
Image by โญ๏ธ
a backyard bonfire
friends, movie, and home image
home theatre
water, pool, and cool image
a skylight
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walk in robe
interior, interior design, and decor image
idk what to call this but its sick
Image by Marcela Arroyo
a green bathroom
ap, cruise, and hot pink image
somewhere to park my sex magnet

9 things i love about summer

summer image
the beach bonfires
icecream, lollies, and summer image
ice cream ofc
couple, love, and summer image
the long days & late sunsets
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being tan
adventure, food, and inspiration image
its the holidays = travel
aesthetic, summer, and book image
Image by claudia
a hot christmas
fireworks, summer, and friends image
new years eve ragers
fun, Clueless, and outdoor cinema image
outdoor erything

8 songs from my childhood

far east movement, like a g6, and prohgress image
like a G6
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love story
boys, dance, and fiesta image
que sera
diva, fabulous, and funny image
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i should have kissed you
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right there
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i wish

7 qualities in my future man

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bro if he dont make me laugh i wont talk to him
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not boring i get bored rlly easily
couple, hug, and love image
confidence is sex
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Image by eboni
Abusive image

6 things in my morning routine

girl, nike, and bed image
music + manifest
sexy image
butt exercises idk
asian, skin, and style image
skincare + hair + teeth
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coffee, drink, and food image
tea or coffee depends on the day
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5 characters im like

art, avatar, and beautiful image
mai from the avatar
girls icon, female icon, and girls icons image
maeve from sex education
trinkets image
moe from trinkets
quotes, subtitles, and sun image
sun from sense 8
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princess jasmine from aladdin

4 pet peeves i have

anime, season 2, and anime fight image
racist/homophobic/sexist discriminatory people
Image by Joanna Fyfe
shit texters stop asking me wyd every second
bored image
boring people i get bored easily ure just making it easier
aesthetic image
when you come into my room and dont close the door seriously its not that hard

3 colours i wear the most

fashion, style, and korean style image
fashion, girl, and outfit image
red, black, and outfit image

2 talents you wish you had

asian, dance, and gif image
dancing holy shit
body and Playboy image
ability to seduce old men so they will become my sugar daddy but never have to meet them in real life

1 thing im looking forward to

apartment, bedroom, and home image
moving out lol

this took me way to long but i am thoroughly entertained hope u had fun reading