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introduction: supporting character in seasons 1 & 2; main character for seasons 3 & 4.

role: vampire

portrayed by: Dove Cameron


Name: Grace Beatrice Sanders

Nickname: Grace, Gracie, Night Child, Demon Child (only by Jocelyn Fairchild)

Birthplace: Queens, New York

Birthday: September 3, 1996

Date she was turned: November 28, 2011 (age 15)


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Blonde hair | blue eyes | fangs | pale skin tone

everyday style

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she wears a lot of sweaters, jeans, skirts

going out style

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she wears a lot of black clothing


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before she was turned, she had a very carefree feel to her. after she was turned however she became vengeful and a little "heartless" as Clary once commented.


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Born in Queens, Grace had anything but a normal childhood. Her parents broke up before she was even born, causing her to only know her mother. However at age 15, her mother was brutally murdered in an armed robbery. Having witnessed it, Grace ran off. Camille Belcourt found Grace in an alleyway crying and totally vulnerable. Camille told her that if she let Camille 'turn her' she would bring back her mother. Grace thought it was totally bogus and declined her offer. Angry, Camille turned her anyways. Almost lifeless, Raphael found her the next night and taught her the ways of being a vampire. After meeting Camille for the second time, she vows to make her pay for what she did to her.


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She first meets Alec and Izzy when she was at the Pandemonium club. It took some time for them to warm up to her because she's a vampire. However she is really good friends with Izzy now. She met Magnus because of her friendship with Raphael. When it comes to Clary, the two girls didn't entirely see eye to eye until season 2.
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Raphael Santiago | Raphael helped her with the transition from a human to a vampire and how not to kill people even if the urge feels like it would kill her.


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Jace Herondale | their relationship started out as a sort of secret because Jace was a shadowhunter and Grace was a mundane at the time. Although they were young, anyone could tell that Jace really cared for Grace. However when Camille turned her into a vampire, Grace suddenly cut off Jace. Because of Clary, the two have patched up their relationship.
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Simon Lewis | Simon and Grace dated before Simon ended up with Izzy. Unlike Jace, Simon and Grace's relationship ended on good terms. The two dated for a few months, but decided that they were better as friends than lovers. By the end of season 4, Grace is still single.


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