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-name: Lilith Romanova
-age: 16 (first season)
-nationality: russian
-birthday: December the 31th, a Capricorn
-hobbies: traveling, shopping, swimming and reading
-sexuality: bisexual
-status: upper class
-role: one of the main characters
-introduction: season 1, episode 1


aesthetic, eyes, and eye image fashion, hair, and style image lips, pink, and glitter image aesthetic, beautiful, and boho image
slim, tall figure with long, blonde, wavy hair, ocean blue eyes and plumb lips.



cillian murphy, power, and love is blindness image boss, future, and goals image alchohol, club, and drinks image drunk, happy, and quotes image
a cold hearted business man with an alcohol addiction.


drama, ั„ะธะปัŒะผั‹, and films image aesthetic, eye, and hospital image aesthetic, aesthetics, and blue image back and white, badass, and motivation image
a loving mother of two that is a successful hospital owner.


adorable, awesome, and blond image 00s, childhood, and remember image food, cereal, and breakfast image baby, boy, and kids image
just a little 6 years old boy with a caring big sis and divorced parents.

fatherยดs place:

aesthetic, art, and clothes image home image

motherยดs place:

house and luxury house image bed, bedtime, and Bett image


aesthetic, school, and test image attitude, bad girl, and personality image meme, funny, and message image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
a hardworking teenage girl with a good sense of humor.


aesthetic, fashion, and moda image fashion, outfit, and green image aesthetics, pretty, and style image aesthetic, dress, and cottagecore image
beauty, dress, and rich image fashion, style, and diamonds image dress, glitter, and 80s image aesthetic, fashion, and rose gold image
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Luยดs valentineยดs party.
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dress, fashion, and blue image beautiful, classy, and fashion image

social media:

fashion, elsa hosk, and model image blonde, summer, and beach image blonde, spring, and summer image girl, fashion, and art image Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and atlanta image


danna paola, jorge lopez, and elite image elite, guzman, and Polo image
Lu and her are practically sisters and Ander is her right hand. Used to mess around with Valerio and Polo but no feelings were caught. Giving Guzman love advice 24/7.

love interest:

Image removed Image removed
I mean how could she not fall for this hottie.


ester expรณsito, elite netflix, and carla rosรณn image ester expรณsito, elite netflix, and carla rosรณn image
finds her just too annoying and self centered.