Hi, y'all! So today I felt like writing an article so here I am, writing about my new obsession: Bullet journaling!!!!!!!!! * takes a deep breath * ok! so I've been obsessed with the idea and I have my journal but am reaaaallly hesitant to even touch it! Like, I still haven't drawn anything in it. I'm trying to figure out a system that would work for me but I'm scared I'm gonna mess it up. so here is my article on stuff ima put in it. cuz I need to get my ideas out and this is a long intro and I'm sry! here we go!

weeklies? dailies?

bullet journal and planner image
mkay so ima bit confused on as to what the difference is but i guess something like this layout would be my weeklie(daily?)


journals image journals image
So, I've heard a LOT about the Lechturrm 1917 (did I spell that right?). I hear it is an AMAZING journal. But apparently it also has some ghosting and bleed throughs at 80mg. Now to the Clever Fox Planner Pro: this is more of a planner than a journal though it has 50 extra pages in the back for whatever you want. This journal was my top choice to buy off amazon( although I was looking at a different color lol). I reaaaallly like the setup productivity-wise but artsy wise not so much ): Also, one thing to keep in mind if u r considering the Clever Fox Planner is that it is really pricy ( in my opinion but maybe that's just cuz I'm broke). So I ended up buying neither and getting a Poluma journal.


bullet journal image bullet journal, monthly spread, and bujo inspiration image
So this is basically what i would do for monthlies. A calendar layout , and i would add a section for notes.

Habit trackers

planner image black, blue, and bullet image habits, tracker, and bullet journal image blue, bullet, and inspiration image
I would do something different for each month.

mood trackers

journal, bujo, and bulletjournal image bujo, mood tracker, and bullet journal image
I love love love LOVE the idea of mood trackers!! I just think they are so much fun!

And so that was basically it, i mean ofc i would put an index and all that but u know my fingers are getting tired lmao. ok welll hope u enjoyed reading this byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!