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10 things you would want in your dream house?
50s, 60s, and interior image home and kitchen image Image by Beautiful Infinities and the lovely forevers music room decor and music room decor ideas image club, court, and hurricane image Image by Frankroxy city, home, and new york image flowers, wedding, and rose image bathroom and home image bagel, breakfast, and coffee image

1. 60s inspired conversation pit
2. a cute open kitchen
3. a sunroom
4. music room
5. tennis court
6. balcony
7. rooftop hangout
8. gazebo
9. a big bathroom
10. bagel station

9 favorite things about your favorite season?
flowers and pink image aesthetic, theme, and flowers image girl, nature, and summer image drops, hipster, and rainy image aesthetic, cake, and cherry image cat, aesthetic, and animal image aesthetic, picnic, and book image rainbow, rain, and nature image clothes, pastel, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beach, and fashion image

1. flowers
2. fruit
3. light & flowy outfits
4. rain showers & thunderstorms
5. my birthday!
6. warm days
7. picnics
8. rainbows after the rain
9. pastel colors

8 songs from your childhood/early teen years
boys, crush, and extra image 1970s, young, and 70s image Taylor Swift and our song image breakaway, change, and inspiration image brendon urie, Lyrics, and panic at the disco image pierce the veil, vic fuentes, and ptv image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image aesthetic, sayings, and words image

1. Bleeding In Love - Leona Lewis
2. Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger
3. Our Song - Taylor Swift
4. Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
5. This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco
6. Bulletproof Love - Pierce The Veil
7. The Way - Ariana Grande
8. Riptide - Vance Joy

7 qualities you look for in a significant other
couple, aesthetic, and kiss image couple, Relationship, and rose image Image removed bella faith and rp image kiss, couple, and love image love, couple, and shadow image couple, love, and aesthetic image love, header, and quotes image

1. humor
2. honesty
3. can express their feelings
4. loyalty
5. affectionate
6. empathy
7. respect

6 things you do when you wake up in the morning
aesthetic, london, and aes image quality, save quality, and queued image aesthetic, alternative, and bambi image aesthetic, girl, and brush teeth image girl, shower, and water image dress, style, and black image

1. lay in bed
2. check my phone
3. eat breakfast
4. brush teeth
5. take a shower
6. watch a movie/show or get ready to go out

5 fictional characters or celebrities you identify with or are most similar to
charlie kelly and is always sunny image Reputation and Taylor Swift image skins and cassie image 00s, beauty, and blonde image amanda seyfried and mean girls image 2000s, aesthetic, and amanda seyfried image

1. Charlie Kelly from IASIP
2. Taylor Swift
3. Cassie Ainsworth from Skins UK
4. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
5. Karen Smith & Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls

4 pet peeves you have
quotes, blue, and aesthetic image idea, room, and rooms image girls and friends image numbers, five, and NUMBER 5 image

1. loud noises
2. messy rooms
3. getting talked over
4. uneven numbers

3 colors you wear the most
fashion, girl, and clothes image black, fashion, and outfit image aesthetic, angel, and fashion image

1. maroon
2. black
3. white

2. talents you wish you had
close up, hq, and performing image art, beautiful, and comfort image

1. singing
2. play the piano

1 thing you're looking forward to right now
sky, clouds, and aesthetic image

1. moving on with my life


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