♔ Watch a Netflix Series. — There are very good series like Stranger Things, Dark, Peaky Blinders, The Baby-Sitters Club, etc.

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♔ Do a movie marathon. — There are many really good movies, there are also many complete sagas that are very good.

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♔ Self care. — Use a face mask, clean your pores, clean your blackheads, use makeup remover, use moisturizer (I use CeraVe) and drink plenty of water.

♔ Shower. — Listen to music in the shower while you wash your hair and body to relax.

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♔ Paint your nails. — Hands and feet. There are plenty of photos to get inspired.

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♔ Prepare food. — You can start with simple things like cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, etc.

Cookies, food, and chocolate image pancakes, food, and sweet image Image by Lights on the way. ✿ cupcake, strawberry, and food image

♔ Online Clothing Shopping. — Create a wishlist and browse for future outfits. Also, compare prices in different stores to find the best offer.

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♔ Workout. — Load a youtube video and try a new workout maybe a zumba, yoga or body combat.

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♔ Clean. — Reorganise your room, draws or clothes, it can help to get rid of items you dont need anymore.

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♔ Draw or paint. — This can be therapeutic and you can get adult colouring books or you can make a painting. Watercolors are highly recommended.

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♔ Play a game. — You can play on the console or on the phone, so you spend time faster.

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♔ Write a list. — Reasons why you want to lose weight and what you will do, reasons to smile, things you wanna do, your dreams, your goals, etc.

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♔ Meal plan. — To have a healthier life, you can organize your meals for the week.

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♔ Catch up call with friend. — You can talk, gossip and ask for advice, it is essential to have contact with your friends so as not to lose the friendship relationship.
Also, you can have romantic dates by video call.

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♔ Look at your social networks. — Like Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Tumblr, Telegram, We Heart It, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

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