✰ What three words describe me best?

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Stubborn, proud, funny.

✰ What are the important things in my life?

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My family, art - especially cinema -, friends.

✰ What values are important to me?

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Sincerity, loyalty.

✰ What does my ideal life look like?

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Well, I have no idea. I tend not to imagine too far in the future, or to make too many plans.

✰ What is my biggest regret?

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I feel really bad for some of the things I did, but I know that everything was necessary at the time. I don't see how I could regret it, because I have no way to modify what has already happened.

✰ What are my favorite childhood memories?

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My grandmother's house, vacation we used to travel on.

✰ What makes those memories so special?

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I don't know, I just really liked that time, my grandparents were very good and their house was a safe, cozy space.

✰ What is holding me back in life right now?

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Money, clearly. If I had the money I need, which I will never get enough of in time, then I would be very well studying art, cinema in another country.

✰ What is my biggest strength?

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This is a question that I won't be able to answer, because I don't know.

✰ What allowed me to reach this far in life?

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My parents, for sure. They did everything possible for my education. And I think, in part, I also tried hard, the least, but it was something that gave me results.

✰ What makes my life good?

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My family, friends, art, books, music. And food, of course lol.

✰ Am I happy with my life? Explain.

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Yes, despite not making plans, it still doesn't seem like the ideal plan, yet it still seems like an interesting time to be.

✰ What do I admire about myself?

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My stubbornness, it puts me in a lot of problems, but it also makes me believe in the steps I take, making me go all the way in what I believe.

✰ When am I most happy?

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When I'm doing something I like, like watching a movie, reading a book. Or just sleep.

✰ Do I like the person I am today?

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Of course, I'm improving every day.