Hey guys, how are you?

I love astrology. A lot.
I'm always researching and talking about it.
I found this article and was excited to do mine based on my sign.

Cancer sun

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1. do you like things being your way?

Most of the time, yes. I have a lot of habits and I like when I can do things the way I want.

2. are you loud?

With my friends. With strangers, I'm shy.

3. do you yell a lot?

Yes, but I try not to yell

4. do you like bragging about yourself?

Not at all. Sometimes, but it's rare to happen.

5. do you change your opinion fast?

It depends on what it is about.

6. are you honest with others?

I try.

7. are you afraid of speaking your opinion?

Sometimes. When I'm not in a place that makes me feel comfortable, I usually don't speak my opinion.

8. are you emotional?

A LOT. My nickname is Drama Queen.

9. which sign do you find falling for the most?

Aries and Leo.

10. can you keep secrets?

Most of the time, yes.

Leo Moon

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1. do you like spilling tea?

Yes, with my best friend hahaha

2. are you funny?

No, my jokes are terrible. Sooooo terrible.

3. do you like gossiping?

Yes, with my mom and friends.

4. do you speak your opinion often?

Sometimes, only when I feel comfortable

5. do you like to have the lead word?

I used to like when I was in school, but today I don't care if i have the lead word.

6. are you loyal?

A lot. I hate betrayal

7. what zodiac sign do you dislike?

GEMINI. I have reasons. My last crush was Gemini and it was very difficult. We're friends today, but he's kind of complicated.

8. do you like getting attention?

Soooo much. I love when I have attention. But in the best way.

9. are you communicative?

Sometimes. If I feel good when talking to someone, I talk a lot. Or when I get excited.

10. are you out going?

I don't feel, but my best friend told me that I am. I don't know hahahaha.

Leo rising

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1. do you like to look at yourself?

Sometimes I look and think "Wow, you're amazing" and sometimes "You look soooo ugly". It depends on the day and my mood.

2. do you trust people easily?

Yes, and I hate this.

3. do you like everything to be clean and perfect?

Yes, I love when things are clean and organized.

4. are you secretive?

I don't think I am. I tell my mom and best friend almost everything.

5. do you adapt to new stuff easily?

No. I get nervous and anxious about new situations.

6. do you get comfortable with new people fast?

I'm shy, but I always try to get comfortable fast.

7. are you communicative?

Depends. With my friends I am. But with who I don't know, I don't speak a lot.

8. are you good with words?

Writing? Yes
Speaking? Sometimes. I'm shy when I need to talk with a lot of people.

9. do you being the center of attention?

Not at all. I like when I'm feeling good, but when I'm not, I hate.

10. do you laugh easily?

YES. Even the wind can make me laugh.

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