same thing as last time, tried fitting everybody i could!

aquarius 🦋🌎🌌


nature sohee

aurora, gaga, and girls image girlz, kpop, and nature image

fromis seoyeon

vintage, lq, and seoyeon image icon, kpop, and preview image

ptg yuto

pentagon, lq, and yuto image kpop, pentagon, and cute image

omg seunghee

Image removed Image removed

wayv lucas

lucas, wayv, and nct image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

wjsn xuanyi

exy, bona, and soobin image girls, kpop, and preview image

mx i.m

i.m, changkyun, and monsta x image changkyun, monsta x, and im changkyun image

astro moonbin

bin, boy, and group image astro, moonbin, and moon bin image

gwsn seoryoung

gg, icon, and kpop image kpop, pink, and soft image

dia somyi

DIA, dia lq, and somyi image DIA, jenny, and korea image

ptg kino

icons, kino, and meme image kino, kpop, and pentagon image

ab6 daehwi

Image removed lee daehwi, ab6ix, and icon image

idle miyeon

Image removed Image removed

nature saebom

girl group, kpop, and nature image gg, goth, and icon image

ptg wooseok

icon, kpop, and pentagon image kino, kpop, and pentagon image

nct doyoung

doyoung and nct image doyoung, kpop, and nct image

tw jihyo

preview, twice, and jihyo image icon, jihyo, and twice image

elris bella

bella, elris, and choi yoona image bella and elris image

dc gahyeon

dreamcatcher, kpop, and preview image dreamcatcher, kpop, and girl image

izone minju

cyber, edit, and girls image lq, izone, and minju image

nct jisung

Image removed nct, jisung, and nct dream image

txt taehyun

boys, icon, and kpop image txt, taehyun, and tomorrow x together image

skz i.n

icon, kpop, and lq image lq, boy group, and previews image

nct johnny

johnny, preview, and nct image johnny, johnny seo, and nct image


aesthetic, asian, and icons image chungha image

apink naeun

girl, korean, and ulzzang image girl, kpop, and naeun image

rv seulgi

red velvet, lq, and seulgi image red velvet, lq, and seulgi image

loona kimlip

icon, icons, and kim image Image removed

bp rosé

cyber, kpop, and messy image kpop, rose, and blackpink image

svt dino

dino, lee chan, and diamond maknae image boys, icon, and icons image

nct jaehyun

jaehyun, nct, and kpop image jaehyun, nct, and nct 127 image

cix yonghee

details, cix, and lq image kpop, cix, and lq image

svt dk

DK, seokmin, and dokyeom image icon, kpop, and Seventeen image

svt vernon

Image removed 17, Seventeen, and vernon image

nct jungwoo

lq, jungwoo, and kim jungwoo image jungwoo, nct, and nct u image

thats all of em! pisces next 8)