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1. if you could teach one subject in high school what would it be?

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i'm graduating in letras (a course that qualifies you to teach portuguese in brasil) so i'd choose portuguese

2. what's your favorite cake?

cake, chocolate, and food image cake, chocolate, and food image
chocolate cake

3. what is one thing you still have from your childhood?

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a blanket that my grandma bought me

4. must have purse item?

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a wallet

5. what is an important life lesson to learn?

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you don't have to compare to the others, everyone has your own time for everything in life

6. what is one goal you want to achieve in your lifetime?

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be able to help my mother financially

7. would you ever live anywhere else besides your country?

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i'd like to visit and get to know some countries, but i like to live in my country

8. what is your favorite dessert?

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9. what's the name of your last or current pet?

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i have two cats, tina and caetano

10. favorite pastry?

food, coxinha, and Chicken image brasil, brasileira, and comida image
brazilian pastry

11. its brunch, what do you eat?

brunch, coffee, and good time image brunch, coffee, and enjoy image
anything with bread/toasts

12. who is your favorite painter?

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claude monet

13. favorite disney movie?

coco, disney, and pixar image anime image

14. what city do you wish to visit?

city, travel, and new york image city, night, and travel image

15. what do you do on a rainy day?

rain, quotes, and green image rain and window image
watch movies/tv series

16. what do you usually eat for breakfast?

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17. what do you usually eat for dinner?

food and pasta image Image removed

18. how do you menage stress?

bathing, nature, and relief image bath, bath tub, and relax image
i usually take a bath to get more relax

19. favorite snacks?

blue, chips, and crisps image Image removed

20. if you could make a documentary, what would be about?

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i have no idea

21. what are you most enchanted by?

astronomy, beauty, and blue image stars, night, and blue image
starry skies

22. what is one simple thing that makes you smile?

beautiful, yellow, and smiling image actress, brunette, and edit image
seeing my family happy

23. what is your biggets strength?

beach, daughter, and drawing image art, daughter, and mother image
my mother

24. hidden talent?

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i don't have one

25. what do you find yourself doing a lot these days?

anime, aesthetic, and soft image aesthetic, anime, and beige image
watching anime

26. what do you first notice about someone when you meet them?

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their eyes

27. what is your guilty pleasure?

sweets image sweets image

28. favorite tea flavor?

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chamomile tea

29. what languages do you speak?

have, languages, and more image languages, spain, and spanish image
brazilian portuguese and english

30. what languages would you like to learn?

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italian, french
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