Zodiac sign

astrology, zodiac sign, and vibes image Image removed gemini, woman, and words image aquarius, astrology, and cancer image

My style

Image by Private User ac dc image aesthetic, skate, and skateboard image fashion, outfit, and style image

Favorite color

flowers, red, and rose image red, car, and aesthetic image bikini, body, and curly hair image amazing, blue, and eye image

Favorite shows

Image by rx_xr friends, funny, and joey tribbiani image cast, the vampire diaries, and kat graham image lauren german, tom ellis, and rachael harris image criminal minds image always, cristina yang, and my person image the 100 and bellarke image pretty little liars image

Favorite Animals

animal, black, and cute image snake, green, and animal image cat, book, and animal image bird, parrot, and animal image theme, aesthetic, and kpop image turtle, animal, and green image

My Favorite Features Of Myself

hair, girl, and beauty image hair and style image die, sleep, and drink image life, quote, and words image

My Least Favorite Features Of Myself

Inspiring Image on We Heart It inspo, life, and text image


tattoo, art, and body image Image by princesskeeks tattoo and love image tattoo, money, and black and white image tattoo, snake, and aesthetic image tattoo, quotes, and alone image

Pericings & Jewelry

piercing, aesthetic, and black image accessories, aesthetic, and blue image earrings, gold, and jewelry image bikini, gold, and necklace image earrings, fashion, and gold image Image by X$X

Favorite food

food, fruit, and coffee image fruit, food, and healthy image dinner, food, and italian image big mac, dinner, and food image aesthetic, food, and picnic image coffee, breakfast, and food image


cake, food, and aesthetic image homework, lifestyle, and study image aesthetic, brown, and book image book, earphones, and nice image garden and nature image Image removed


anime, gif, and natsu dragneel image anime, gif, and 7seeds image anime, koe no katachi, and a silent voice image anime, gif, and saiki kusuo no psi nan image blue exorcist, ao no exorcist, and rin okumura image handsome, black butler, and guapo image