Hi lovely people,
If you have stumbled upon this article, and decided to click on it, you are probably feeling lost and lonely in the world during these hard times. Life is not easy trust me I know. so I decided to share some of my tips/advice to help you out because these have helped me out.

1. Write down a list of the things you enjoy doing the most, and write down why you like doing each thing.

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2. Message a person you trust to share with them your emotions and your thoughts. This will help you feel more relived and liberated.

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3. Sit and think about a time you were really happy, and try to relive that moment, probably even recreate it.

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Maybe these tips will be able to help you and maybe they won’t, everyone is different. Trust me it is normal to feel lost in life, it happens to everyone. I’m a 20 year old, college student and I should know what field I want to go to once I graduate but the reality is, I’m not sure and that is okay.

All my love,