I know I don't post on this platform that much, and I'm basically becoming a shadow among the active members who publish articles more often, but that is okay ! I enjoy posting articles once in a while, and I'm very grateful and thankful if my articles brought joy to anybody out there.


Without further due, today's topic is on the lighter side. It is one that we encounter daily, and that is the urge of "doing something".

Ah. Who knew that relaxing could be so difficult and stressful?

Seriously, don't we all talk about laying comfortably and relaaaaaaxing without worrying about anything, or having something to do afterwards? but when we got time to spare, when we ACTUALLY have sometime for ourselves only, here is what:




Otherwise, this also happens when we have done everything on our to-do list and we unexpectedly have some free time, as well as when we simply have a day for ourselves only. (I guess that is it? I mean.. Except for those lazy summer days where we do nothing but lay on our bed all day and start feeling guilty for not being productive and blah blah blah...)

ANYWAYS. Firstly, it is really okay to feel so. Secondly, you don't have to feel so, because here is the trick: You actually have time to do everything you have and don't on your to-do list. You also have time to relax.

You have time to do everything you want to.

Because truth is: You have time.

(Keep thinking that and you will have one worry off your shoulders :) )

Now, that we got that over with, here are few suggestions to what you can do in your "Me-Time":

1- Write an article on WeHeartIt. (the irony is I'm writing this in my "Me time" ha ha ha )

2- Make or update your vision board. ( What is a vision board? how can you make one ? I will get into that in another post :)) Trust me, if you don't have one, you will want one create one ! Plus it is very easy and fun)

3- Look for inspirations on printerest or WeHeartIt (learning new things to grow yourself can never be bad for your health :) )

4- Listen to your body and what it needs; whether by writting or starting a journal, doing meditation, or doing a face mask, dancing or even taking a nap, listen to what you need right now. Your body needs your love and deserves you to care for it.

Just be there for yourself :)

5- Smile and take selfies of you making emoji faces.(Bonus point if you post them xd I mean what is a better use of emojis /loud eye roll/)

6- Do Yoga. (It is really not that sophisticated. I mean yes yoga is a sophisticated activity as it is so healthy and liberating. BUT a simple 5 minutes yoga can do you wonders.)

Just go for it :)

7- Take a refreshing nap, and don't feel guilty about it.

You deserve it.

8- Watch cat videos, and make it a thing. (It is cat videos for me xd I'm a proud cat person >.< but dogs or rabbits can do too. Isn't it crazy how we forget that there are cute innocent creatures out there when we immerse ourselves too much in the human world? Unless you lucky to have a pet TT Pet them)

9- Learn about plants and green life. ( I've never done that but that is something I'm open to)

10- Listen to a podcast. (They are seriously fun especially if you find the "One" for you)

Bonus suggestion: Enjoy your own company. Social life is nice and thrilling but you won't believe how fun YOU can be until you try! You will come to realize a lot of things about yourself.

I will stop here for today, I hope you had fun reading this article! I will be posting more self help articles like this in the future, and I'm excited for that! If you liked this article, I'd appreciate you sharing it with your friends and family. Until next time, wish you good health and safety!