As you can see, I am really bored, so I decided to rank all barbie movies I've watched and actually remember the plot.

Also, this ranking may change according to my mood.

14th / swan lake
barbie, pastel, and princess image ballerina, ballet, and barbie image

I absolutely love the actual ballet, and I personally have feelings for barbie ballet movies. However, I can't seem to enjoy this movie as much as I should. I didn't watch it that much as a child and there's still something about it I don't like. Maybe that fairy, or that furr-, oops, childern.

13th / the island princess
2007, barbie, and beautiful image 2007, barbie, and beach image

I don't really like this movie; I didn't like as a child, I don't like now. My biggest problem is the soundtrack; I find it so boring.

12th / barbie: fairytopia
barbie, fairy, and barbie: fairytopia ๐Ÿงšโ™€๏ธ image barbie, bun, and sweet image

For me, this is an okay movie. I like the fairies, I like her pet, I like the rainbow thing, but barbie in this movie is just so annoying it kinda ruins it for me.

11th / barbie fairytopia: mermaidia
barbie, mermaid, and barbie movie image barbie, beach, and beautiful image

I think this movie is just more exciting than the first one, but barbie is still unbearable.

10th / charm school
barbie, blair, and pink image barbie, blair, and girls image

I enjoyed watching it, but I never bought that story of random people becoming royal out of nothing. No. It went too far.

9th / a fashion farytale
barbie, girls, and movie image barbie and fashion fairytale image

I really like it, but I don't love it. It's a good movie, but not really a memorable one.

8th / the princess and the popstar
2012, barbie, and family image 2012, barbie, and castle image

It's a remake of the princess and the pauper, and it's good, but it's just never gonna reach that level of perfection.

7th / fairytopia: magic of the rainbow
barbie, magic of the rainbow, and fairytopia image barbie, beautiful, and fairy image

The best of the trilogy. Barbie is actually fine, the story is even more exciting, I love the lessons they have and I love the rainbow thing, which is even stronger in this one.

6th / the three musketeers
barbie, corinne, and movie image barbie, castle, and fireworks image

I love this one so much; I love the four of them a lot. However, it's a movie that gets a bit tiring after watching a couple times, unlike others on the list.

5th / barbie as rapunzel
aesthetic, gifs, and archive image barbie and rapunzel image

(From now on, I absolutely love every aspect of the movies).This one is so underrated. It's one of the bests, but people don't seem to notice. That purple dress she wears is one of the most beautiful ones, and the song, one of the most magical. Plus, that evil woman is actually scary and the purple dragon is really cute.

4th / the princess and the pauper
barbie, pink, and sweet image barbie and pink image

Best songs, best characters and best cats. I love this movie so much. Everything about it is perfect. I love their names and their voices match so damn good. I can't find a single flaw in this movie.

3rd / a christmas carol
barbie, catherine, and christmas image barbie, catherine, and christmas image

SO UNDERRATED. This is another one I cannot find a single flaw about. I love how barbie isn't the perfect selfless modest girl like always. She makes multiple mistakes, but she grows out of them. Plus, I love the ghosts, the time travel and the songs.

2nd / the diamond castle
2008, Alexa, and barbie image castle image

This was my favourite as a child, I knew every verse of every song by heart (I still know some i guess) and it's the most touching of all. So dramatic. I love it.

1st / 12 dancing princesses
barbie, princess, and sweet image ashley, ballet, and barbie image

The best one for sure. The theme song is so magical, all of the sisters are so loveable, that magic land in amazing, it has so much ballet and barbie's pet is a cat. No movie can beat it.

thats it <3 stay safe