I N S P I R E D - B Y
My Overall Style
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I can only think of one word that comes to my mind, Simplicity. Most days I wear oversized t-shirts with shorts or sometimes jeans if I'm feeling fancy.
My Color Palette
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I love the color blue I have no clue why but I love it so much and along with blue my colors venture from white too neutral greys and rarely baby pink.
Patterns I Wear
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Plaid and Stripe, I think a plaid skirt with knee high boots and a black long sleeve turtle neck is a really beautiful winter outfit and stripes just remind me of the 80s and the best parts of it.
My Fashion Aesthetic
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Flowy and Free, Classy and Casual
Shoe Closet
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A Pair Of Baby Blue Converse, green Nike Air Zooms, Black Knee High Boots and a Pair of Heels that I hardly ever wear because I almost broke my neck wearing them last time.
Go To Accessories
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I always my gold bracelet that my family gave me for my birthday and sometimes if it's really sunny I'll usually wear a pair of sunglasses and I'll always randomly wear anklets too.
My Go To Bags
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I have a blue ralph Lauren backpack that I guess is kind of like my main bag and the rest of my bags are backpacks too.
My Favorite Shops
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Ralph Lauren, Urban Outfitters, Nike and Levi
People That Inspire Me
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Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss, Bestdressed and Emma Watson
My Perfume
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Coach Perfume (It's really sweet but gorgeous), Flowerbomb (My Favorite), Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana (Really Fresh and Summery) and Miss Dior (It knd of reminds me of a ballroom filled with flowers).
My Favorite Hairstyle
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Usually I just let my hair be flowy and do it's thing but sometimes I'll put my hair up in a messy bun.
Everyday Makeup
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I can't really wear a lot of makeup every day just because my skin breaks out after wearing a full face for only one day so most days I wear mascara (I use the glossier mascara, it's honestly amazing!) and a bit of concealer under my eyes and dab of highlighter on the end of my nose just to feel cute.
My Future Style
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I actually really hope I'm more confident when I'm older in the clothes that I wear, sometimes I feel like if I wear nice clothes I have to wear makeup because I honestly don't feel pretty enough without makeup so I just hope I have the confidence in myself to wear what I want to wear without second guessing everything.
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you've had a good day/night and always remember how amazing you are Xx
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