Saturday afternoon, it is raining while I study for an electrical physics exam that I have on Monday, there are 138 days of quarantine, of real quarantine, I have not been out since then, more than half a year without seeing my friends ... are those days when I really want to see them and be with them and spend the afternoon together as we used to do, it is as if I wanted to escape through a hole to a parallel world where I am with them right now as if I wanted to Time to go back and stop it right at the moment when I'm laughing with them, going to eat ice cream, yelling at each other while playing video games, giving us support after going wrong on an exam, hugging everyone before leaving, oh how much I miss all that.

hey I know I haven't written articles around here for a long time
I have been very busy this semester, maybe I will be back in a few days, I really want to write new articles.So stay safe everyone!