Hello guys ! It's been a whiiiile ! Today's article is inspired by this article. Let's go :)

❧ Foundation or Concealer

I don't put foundation on a daily basis, so i'd say concealer ! (with a good shade range thanks)

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❧ Lipstick or Lip gloss

Lipgloss :)

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❧ Nude lips or Bold lips

I prefer nude lips for me !

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❧ Blush or Bronzer

Blushhhh ! My face is already pretty sharp so bronzer doesn't look that good on me :/

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❧ Pink or Peachy blush

I like both but I do prefer pink !

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❧ Powder highlighter or Liquid highlighter

Powder highlighter !

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❧ Liquid eyeliner or Pencil eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner or caked eyeliner :)

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❧ Mascara or False lashes

Mascara, i cannot put on false lashes :///

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❧ Warm or Cool toned eyeshadows

Because i have blue eyes, warm toned eyeshadows look the best on me (but i also wear cool toned hihi)

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❧ Pressed or Loose eyeshadows

I prefer pressed because I'm messy

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❧ Neutral or Extra make up

Extra !

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❧ Brushes or Sponges

It depends : liquid is sponge ; powder is brushes

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That's it ! Thank you for reading my article :)

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