Let’s set our clocks back to the years 2000’s and 2010’s.

Remember when we were kids, we could not wait to grow up. What were we thinking?

I want you to imagine a younger version of yourself, maybe 5, 10, 15 years ago. Remember your childhood. Sitting on the couch in front of the TV, with a blanket on top of you, cozy while it is freezing outside, excited to watch your favorite Tv show. What are you watching, when imagining your younger self?

“We didn’t know we were making memories; we were just having fun.” – Winnie The Pooh

First, I’d assume that we all think about some show that has already ended, most likely from the good old Disney or Nickelodeon. A show that made us laugh and cry, as we grew up.

And we all remember that with sadness, feeling nostalgic, missing the better, happier, and simpler days, with fewer responsibilities and problems.

Sadly, those days, like the Tv shows, have ended, but both can still be remembered.

So, let’s get nostalgic then. Let’s take a look at the things we mostly likely left behind, but that will forever be in our hearts.

Hannah Montana <3

miley cyrus, hannah montana, and emily osment image childhood, flawless, and miley image miley cyrus and hannah montana image gif, hannah montana, and miley cyrus image
The most dramatic moment of our childhood I’d say: Remember when she took off her wig?

Good Luck Charlie <3

amazing, beautiful, and blonde hair image bridgit mendler, disney channel, and good luck charlie image
Still cannot get over the fact that Charlie is all grown up now.

One Direction <3

fetus, 1d, and x factor image
Can you believe it has been 10 years since they got together?

The suite life on deck <3

2000s, nostalgic, and boys image dylan sprouse, cole sprouse, and disney image
It still hurts to watch the goodbyes in that last episode. We all cried with their graduation.

Justin Bieber <3

Temporarily removed sel, selgomez, and selena gomez image justin bieber, wedding, and love image Image by ♡anto♡
Remember when he was just a fetus? What about his iconic relationship with Selena? Like us, he grew up too. He is even happily married to a beautiful woman.

Up <3

up, balloons, and sky image up, disney, and pixar image animation, carl, and pixar image up, disney, and dog image
My heart still aches. What a movie, what a love story, what an adventure! Listen to “Things we did” and “Married life” and I’m sure you’ll be bawling with the nostalgia.

Phineas and Ferb <3

isabella and phineas and ferb image Image removed phineas and ferb image phineas and ferb image
The years we had to wait to see Phineas and Isabella get together.

Cameron Boyce <3

jessie, rip, and disney channel image Image by Private User
Some left too early: so young, we grew up with him.

Wizards of Waverly Place <3

alex russo, couple, and disney image selena gomez, david henrie, and wizards of waverly place image alex russo, harper, and selena gomez image alex, celebrities, and gomez image
We all still wish we could be like the iconic Alex Russo.

Lilo and Stitch <3

disney, lilo and stitch, and lilo image disney, stitch, and wallpaper image disney image disney, stitch, and lilo image

High School Musical <3

Inspiring Image on We Heart It love, rain, and couple image high school musical, HSM, and lucas grabeel image high school musical, zac efron, and HSM image
We’re all in this together.

Toy Story <3

90s, animation, and cartoons image disney and toy story image toy story, disney, and woody image toy story 4, disney, and jessie image

“New” technologies <3

chanel, pink, and aesthetic image game image
How dramatic was it to end a phonecall when we were mad, by closing the flip phones?

What does the fox say?

fox, bård ylvisåker, and what does the fox say image fox, animal, and what does the fox say image
What was this? What were people thinking? All I know is that it’s still a catchy song.

2000’s Fashion <3

2000s and destiny's child image britney spears image Avril Lavigne, black, and girl image ashley tisdale and miley cyrus image
And finally, the fashion sense was something else!

We can never forget iCarly, Drake and Josh, That’s so Raven, Victorious, and many more aswell.

There’s a lot more we can think about: the toys, new technologies, videogames we played, bands and artists that became famous.

We all get nostalgic when thinking about those times. We miss those times. But, above all that, we are all mostly thankful for them.

And we are incredibly lucky for having experienced all these things.

“Part of the journey, is the end.” – Tony Stark