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1. Have a kind heart and be open minded
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2. Work hard for your dreams even if it seems impossible, but also take breaks because rest is important too
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3. Look towards the future, forget negative moments in the past, and love yourself because you are so beautiful and special
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4.Dance all night instead of watching movies or read a good book
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5.Wear pretty shades of blue or creamy colors
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6.Connect with nature and animals more often
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7.Use positivity to your advantage and try to have a more optimistic view on the world
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8.Be independent and march to the beat of your own drum(you have big dreams and no one has the ability to change them except you)
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9.Wear your hair in a bun or whatever style makes you feel like her
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10.Try new things such as cooking/baking a new recipe or gardening(but you do you girl/boi)
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11.Wear flowy dresses or skirts or whatever makes you feel princess-like
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12.Believe in the magic and goodness that happens all around you
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13.Take risks and have the courage to do what you want in life(Cinderella didn't let her step family stop her from going to the ball, although it was a risky choice and she could have easily been spotted, she went anyway)
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14.Listen to classical waltz/ballroom music so you can always go to the ball even when you are stuck at home
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15.Sing some songs from any of the soundtracks
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16.Read some twisted Cinderella stories and tales(or just the different versions of the same story lmao)
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17.Invite friends to do fun things with you such as going out to eat and such
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18.Watch any of the Cinderella movies such as Disney's og Cindy or Roger and Hammerstein's Cindy or just one of those Cinderella story movies