Hi! This is my first article & I hope you will enjoy it. I think that I somehow fit into this aesthetic so I wanted to give this a try.

Inspired by:

All-girls school, all-boys school or going to school for everyone?

- I think that it would be nice to go to all-girls school.

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Running trough the dark, mysterious forests behind the school at night or early morning walks around the school?

- Definitely early morning walks around the school. Just enjoying fresh air and my coffee.

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Are you going to learn Greek, Latin or French?

- I'm already learning latin in school so I would love to learn french.

Will you read Kill Your Darlings or The Picture of Dorian Gray?

- The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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Will you take history or English classes?

- English classes.

In an empty classroom, will you solve equations on the blackboard, or search for answers in an old forgotten book?

- How can someone resist old books?

Will you read Jane Austen or Henry James?

- Jane Austen.

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Will you read The Secret History or Dead Poets Society?

- Dead Poets Society.

Will you drink coffee or tea as you read trough old books?

- Well, I'm basically addicted to coffee.

Will your old radio play classical or jazz?

- Both.

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Will you study late at night, or from early morning?

- Late study nights.

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Will you dance in the moonlight, or play the piano, softly?

- Dancing in the moonlight.

Will you meet your love in secret between two shelves in the library, or behind a chapel?

- In the library.

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