Life is better when we are all happy and in peace. For that to happen we have to maintain a positive energy and help spread it to everyone around us.

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Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

1. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't.

Learn to keep silence in moments of rush. When people are yelling or fighting, keep your silence and let them unbosom their anger. If you are not involved, don't say anything. If you do, try to keep a calm posture and solve the problems softly.

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2. Don't judge.

Judging people, whether you know them or not, is wrong. Everyone has their own tastes, personalities, problems and stuff. Don't talk ill about anybody or you'll end up seeing the bad in everything. Let's see the good in all!

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3. Focus on the good stuff.

As I said! Focus your life towards the things you like the most and ignore what you don't. Focus on your book, your own conversations, your own friends and family and forget on what's next to you.

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4. Know that you are always learning.

Whether seeing a failure as something bad, see it as something good: an experience, a new kind of view/thought towards something... you are learning! And that is good.

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5. Keep hope.

Through those hard times, keep hope. Everything is temporary. Prepare for a better future, work for it and keep your smile as it will come.

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6. Forgive.

Even if those who have hurt you don't ask for it, forgive. You will notice how much resentment you were carrying on your shoulders once you let it go. The relationship with those people may never be the same, but at least you will have a clear conscience.

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