Do you ever had a moment where someone or some people just get on your last nerve that you just become straight up angry. Well...I know the feeling indefinitely. The primary source of my anger is mostly my family bickering over small things like do this, do that..I know it's the typical complaints of adolescent but C'MON I know you had your fair share of annoyance with your family as well. But, you know what overtime I learned to find different outlets creatively that help me to escape from the words that can come off annoying or even just plain hurtful. In this article I entail stuff you can use to help when coping with anger, irritation, annoyance or all of the above.Ready to hear them..... well hear you go:

Go into your room, lock the door, pop in some earbuds or if your neighbors or roomates don't mind blast some music over your speaker. Dance your heart out babes! Not only is this healthy for your body because your doing something active but your using a healthy outlet to distract yourself from what is annoying you or DRIVING YOU CRAZY lol.Hey if your quite a singer then hey! go awff and sing your heart out too.

2.draw/read or write
This is for any of my people who want a more subtle way to calm down. I for sure had my moments of creating some of the best pieces when I was about to turn into the Hulk lol. Also, I have definitely wrote some compelling stuff in my times of frustration that literally surprised the heck out of me. It's one of the moments where your like, "WOAH I didn't know I had that in me sheeeeshh" lol. Funny part is I'm actually writing this article in one of my numerous moments of frustration but I gotta say writing out what I do to calm down is actually calming me down right now. Look at that!

Chille sometimes we need to call or text one of homegirls or homeboys about what's frustrating us. Honestly, venting to a friend can give you a chance to let out the steam through words instead of hashing it out in a destructive way. It's important to reach out to friends that are willing to lend a ear. When you have friends like that that stick with you in your low and in your high, they are the ones worth holding onto. Believe me!

>>>>Also here's a link to my workout playlit by the way, I honestly have not got tired of it yet. The songs range from rap songs to rock music lol(in my opinion the greatest components to letting out the tension in the workout)>>>>>

5.Listen to some music!
As a true music lover. Gosh blasting some music in your car or with headphones can be the greatest thing to help you tune out the craziest going around you. Try it! Also again if you want to checkout my playlist follow me on Spotify. I literally have tried my best create playlists that have help me cope in each different emotion I come across.

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Honestly those were the only top 5 that I could think of on the top of my head. But hey its a start. Feel free to message me on my other social medias how you cope with being angry and I think I will make a article for what I do when I am upset.I hope y'all enjoyed my article. Feel free to check out my social medias down below <3.
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