Before I begin I want to just say that I'm not an expert in languages but I've been learning Korean for about a year and a half. I've gone through tons of apps trying to find the right ones, so I decided to share the best ones I've come across.


  • Tengugo Hangul
  • Duolingo
  • Drops
  • Lingodeer
  • Talk To Me In Korean

(I'll explain these in more detail later.)

1. Learning Hangeul

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Hangeul (한글) is the Korean alphabet. I 100% recommend learning this before you get started learning Korean because it will make your life so much easier.

To learn it, I recommend Tengugo Hangul. If you're planning on learning it from Duolingo, use the website, because right now the app doesn't offer tips or explanations.

Hangeul is surprisingly easy to learn and extremely logical, so don't be daunted by the fact that it looks different to your own alphabet. The basics can be learned in as little as two hours.

2. Vocabulary

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To learn vocabulary, I recommend Duolingo, Drops or Lingodeer.

Duolingo is a very popular language learning program because it teaches vocabulary relatively quickly and it's free. I prefer using the website, but if you'd also like to do speaking questions then I'd suggest trying the app (or both?). edit: speaking questions are on both but the advantage of using the website is that you can do more without having to worry about using up hearts or using up lingots

I used Drops for a very long time because of its teaching method. It teaches vocab through pictures and games, which helped me remember things more easily. It's less intense than Duolingo and limits daily learning to 5 minutes.

Lingodeer is also very good, especially for learning languages like Korean, Japanese and Chinese. The full version costs money though, which is why I'm putting it at the bottom of the list. Yes, it's good, but you can reach the same amount of fluency with other apps, too.

3. Grammar

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Grammar is more important than you may think, because certain mistakes can entirely change the meaning of a sentence. To learn it, I'd recommend the Talk To Me In Korean YouTube channel. Their website also has some free vocabulary courses, and they have an app, too.

Thanks for reading, and I hope my article helped you! :)

Love, Blue

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