Hi! I had so much fun creating this article so I thought I'd do it again since I have so many playlists.

How it works: there will be three outfits beloww, you chose one then scroll to the results to find which playlist suits the style you chose.

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Outfit 1

aesthetic, aesthetics, and red image jeans and star image white, aesthetic, and vintage image girl, eyes, and aesthetic image

Outfit 2

aesthetic, basic, and cute image boots, sneakers, and sandals image Balenciaga, aesthetic, and bag image sunglasses, theme, and glasses image

Outfit 3

fashion, style, and outfit image chanel, fashion, and bag image aesthetic, shoes, and tumblr image earrings, green, and jewelry image



If you chose Outfit 1:

If you chose Outfit 2:

If you chose Outfit 3:

Hope you enjoyed!

Part 1: