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I'm back with another article about astrology!

Cancer sun

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1. do you like things being your way?

yes ... i'm a true perfectionist so i really want things to go my way

2. are you loud?

i'm not loud, i'd say i'm either shy and calm most of the time

3. do you yell a lot?

i don't yell a lot, only when i'm really angry

4. do you like bragging about yourself?

no, not at all

5. do you change your opinion fast?

yes, i'm such an indecisive person

6. are you honest with others?

always, i think honesty is a very very important value

7. are you afraid of speaking your opinion?

i don't think so, i'm seldom afraid to share my opinion

8. are you emotional?

100% yes, i'm such an emotion person and i also cry often

9. which sign do you find falling for the most?

aries i think?

10. can you keep secrets?

if someone tells me a secret, it's safe with me

Capricorn moon

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1. do you like spilling tea?

sometimes :)

2. are you funny?

i don't consider myself funny ...

3. do you like gossiping?

yes, especially with my closest friends or mom

4. do you speak your opinion often?

always, if i want to say something, i do so

5. do you like to have the lead word?

i don't really like it, but i don't mind it

6. are you loyal?

100%, always

7. what zodiac sign do you dislike?

i don't really like aries, but i find myself falling for them every time ...

8. do you like getting attention?

not at all, i get so awkward

9. are you communicative?

i think i am, i love talking

10. are you out going?

i don't think so, i'm either shy and reserved

Virgo rising

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1. do you like to look at yourself?

ugh, no, i don't like looking in the mirror as it makes myself insecure

2. do you trust people easily?

i do, but then i end up getting hurt

3. do you like everything to be clean and perfect?

yes, i'm a true perfectionist at heart

4. are you secretive?

not really, i tell my parents and best friends almost everything, but everyone has some little secrets of course

5. do you adapt to new stuff easily?

i need some time to adapt to changes

6. do you get comfortable with new people fast?

first i'm a bit shy and awkward but then i feel alright

7. are you communicative?

i think i am, i love talking

8. are you good with words?

yes, i love languages and writing

9. do you being the center of attention?

no, i get so awkward

10. do you laugh easily?

yes, i do, sometimes i laugh about the most stupid things

Thank you so much for reading this article, I really appreciate it!

Wanderlust by Nina
Wanderlust by Nina

xoxo Nina