I'm almost sure I saw an article like this a while ago, but I couldn't find it, so I decided to create my own. Feel free to write it too.

✧ 1. what'd be its genre?
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I'd love to write a realistic fiction.
✧ 2. which themes would you talk abut besides the main plot?
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Actually, the purpose of my book would be to make the reader think, and I'd talk a lot about human related topics, such as pride, honour and selfishness.
✧ 3. which literary movement would it be part of?
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I'd love if my book were part of the realism, with a little bit of romanticism, if time wasn't an issue.
✧ 4. would it have a sequel?
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No, I highly prefer standalones.
✧ 5. would it be short or long?
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I am quite prolix when writing, and I'd like to develop all of my characters' psychological; so, it'd be long.
✧ 6. who'd be the protagonist?
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I'd have many protagonists, maybe four, of different genders, races and social status, that would meet in the half of the book and would have to work together.
✧ 7. what would be some of your inspirations?
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My biggest one would be dostoyevsky, since the style I'm creating here is quite similar to his. But jane austen too, when it comes to create and develop characters and also my great-grandmother, who used to write a lot.
✧ 8. where'd the story take place at?
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In a generic big city; I wouldn't even name it.
✧ 9. which feelings do you expect to provoke on the reader?
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Reflection, pain, self-judgement, pithiness and empathy. But in a good way.
✧ 10. how would you describe your book in three words?
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Cruel, real and touching.
✧ 11. who would you dedicate your book to?
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❝ to every lonely soul❞
✧ 12. who'd be your target public?
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Anyone, but specially 16-22 year olds.
✧ 13. if you couldn't write it, who'd you invite to?
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If it was possible, I think the book would be great if dostoyevsky wrote it, but more realistically, I'd invite stephen king (well, not that realistic lol).
✧ 14. how would you like the cover to be like?
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I'd prefer if it was in darker shades, or maybe with an old painting on it (I love covers like that).
✧ 15. what'd be its aesthetic?
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Dark academia-ish, like the pics I used on the whole article.

that's it, tag us if you write it, please. <3 stay safe

- gabi