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Long time no see isn't it? I haven't written in a month… I had some little article ideas, began them, then didn't like them anymore and I was starting over on another idea… I wanted to write an article about my quarantine routine, but my quarantine was mostly about writing my Master's thesis all day long, so it wasn't very interesting… Then I went on holiday in France so I couldn't write either...

Now that I'm back in Belgium, still on holiday and somehow in quarantine, I have quite an interesting routine! I like taking my time to do things slowly, that's why I have wide time laps!


I usually naturally wake up between 8.30 and 9.30. I take some time in bed before I get up, checking messages and social media, or reading a bit. I also register the time I slept in an app I use to get track of my moon cycle.

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I go in the bathroom to wash my face with water and put some lavender water all over it. Then I have breakfast, some oatmeal, cake or pancakes I baked or only a smoothie or a hot chocolate if I got up late.

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After breakfast, I dress up if I need to. I complete my daily mood and habit tracker in my bullet journal and see what I planned to do this day, and add some other things if needed. Then, I do something that I like. I draw, paint, write (so today, I'm writing this article).

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I have lunch depending on what time I got up, I eat when I'm hungry. I eat what's vegan on the table and sometimes add some other things to complete my plate.

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I have a break after lunch, to check social media and messages and to play some phone games while drinking a tea.

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This is the time I'm working. I currently looking for a job, so I some days spend 4 hours finding information or jobs that might interest me. I sometimes don't feel like working, so I also do some pointe exercises or draw a bit more. I may also cook some breakfast for the morning after if everything has been eaten.

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I have a small break after working, to check social media, phone games, messages and relax before eating. I complete my bullet journal, checking what I achieved during the day.

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I have dinner depending on what I feel like eating. I'm still living with my parents so I'm not cooking except when I want a special vegan meal I can only cook myself.

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After dinner, I write some theory in my Book of Shadows, or write something else. I also feel like drawing to complete a drawing to post it on my Instagram account or to begin a brand new one. When I feel anxious, I like to watch some Animal Crossing videos on YouTube, as this happens to calm me down and I don't have the game... After that, I'm trying to do some barre exercises as well to stay in shape.

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I have a shower and take the time to clean and take care of myself. I wash my face with water and put some nigella oil all over it. This oil and the laver water have made wonders on my acneic skin! I also like putting music on and letting my body dance on the music! Dance is such a stress reliever!

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I go to bed and read a bit before going to sleep.

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Thank you so much for reading this article! This routine slightly varies depending on what time I get up, but it's quite the same everyday.

I hope I soon will be inspired to write some ballet story article I have in mind! I told you about them in my "Thank you for 50K" article!

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- Allie ♡