What is Pretty Privilege?

Pretty Privilege is everywhere around us. It is the way in which an elegantly dressed lady is treated with more respect, the way in which models are idolized, the way in which we automatically want to be friends with beautiful people. In literal dictionary terms it is the benefits a person receives from being pretty.

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My Own Personal Experience

I noticed that when I left my hair as it is without styling, or without giving it a blowout people would assume that I woke up in a rush! To add insult to the injury, during my older school days a teacher assumed I was messy and was surprised by my high marks because she told me that the impression she got of me was that of a carefree girl with frizzy hair & no responsibilities !

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Can I boost my Pretty Privilege?

Understand that your appearance is the first thing that creates people's impression about you. People will treat you based on the way you treat yourself, if they see that you present yourself in the way that is best possible, their treatment to you will become that of a princess. Take into thought what impression & idea do you want to give off to people. However, there are 3 things that should be always on fleek:

1. Your hair

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Use hair products (I recommend "its a 10"), or blowout your hair. If you want to keep your hair looking good on the daily you could buy a blowout brush, like the Revlon one or the Babyliss one.

2. Your nails

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Believe it or not bare nails are way better than chipped nail polish! If you want to put a nail color, choose one that is easier to maintain (white is difficult to take care of)

3. Your outfit quality

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Make sure there are no wrinkles, deodorant marks, or fur on your clothes. You can use a roller on your clothes (especially if they are black.) If you are wearing sneakers (white sneakers cough cough) use wet wipes on them daily, or weirdly enough pledge is great for cleaning shoes.
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Shine on you beautiful people <3