legend story in the world the apostle Paul ,who was a younger contemporary of Jesus, became the foremost proselytizer of the new religion of Christianity.His influence on Christian thelogy proved to be the most permanent and far reaching of all Christian writers and thinkers.paul,also known as saul was born in Tarsus,a city in cilicla (in present day turkey)a few years into the Christian era.although a Roman citizen;he was of Jewish birth ,and received a thought Jewish education.he also learned the trade of a young man ,he went to Jerusalem to study under Rabbi gamaliel,an eminent Jewish teacher . Thought Paul was in Jerusalem at the same time as Jesus,it is doubtful whether the two men ever ment , legend story in the world After e death of Jesus,the early Christmas were regarded as hereticse and suffered persecution.Fkr a while, Paul himself participated in this persecution.however, during a journey to Damascus he had a vision in which Jesus spoke to him and he was converted to the new faith it was the turning point of his life .The one time opponent of Christianity became the most vigorous and influential proporent of the new religion,read more:https://www.legendstoryworld.com/legend-story-in-the-world/