♡ name: davina kaelah monroe.
♡ nickname: d.
♡ age: twenty three
♡ zodiac sign: aquarius.
♡ home: lives on land by the beach.

♡ apperance

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♡ make up

makeup, eyes, and beauty image eyeshadow, beauty, and glitter image lips, lipstick, and pink image makeup, mac, and make up image

♡ top and tail

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♡ style

fashion, outfits, and denim image blue and pretty image girl and summer image dress, fashion, and summer image

♡ super powers

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eternal youth, talking with sea animals, underwater breathing all mermaids have this ability, future sight the power to see into the future.can go into water without turning into her mermaid form if around others. ♡

♡ her job

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works at a dolphin research center

♡ her pets

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Image by maddie ♡
Cooper & Betty together
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♡ tattoos she has

♡ her friends

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boys image

♡ her family

her mother Mary passed away from cancer when she was fourteen. growing up raised by her step father John. Never met her biological father either she gets her magic dna from biological father her mother was human. Davina has always lived on land her real father he left when she was only six months old, her mother swears on it that he a good person and he didn't have a choice when he left never told her anything about him but gave her a photo of them together when she was young.
Davina found out on her own when she turned sixteen what she was never told anyone she was scared just in case she was the only one. Her Mother giving her her step father last name. Which he adopt her as his own when she was six years old.

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step father: John scott monroe
ester expósito, elite, and girl image
conni rae monroe (half sister) doesn't share the magic dna. twenty
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lucas bryan monroe (half brother) also doesn't share the magic dna. nineteen.
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maya brooklyn banks (her cousin/her mother side)

♡ her biological father and mother when they were young

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