For a long time, I had the idea to start with creating painting-amulets. So, what do I mean with "painting-amulets"? They are small, round-shaped paintings which look like an amulet. You can wear them like an amulet or even use them in your pagan altar or meditation space as a painting. As they do not take much space and are light-weight, you can take them with you when travelling (hopefully, soon again...) or when you have to go outside.

A painting-amulet is much more than just a decoration, every series of painting-amulets has a particular symbolism which shall help you on your own spiritual, magical journey.

For me, the Snake Goddesses (when I am talking about about Snake Goddesses I always refer to the Cobra Goddesses, Nakamman in Tamil) play an important role on my path of eco-spiritual Earth-Nature Goddess veneration. I myself always carry a Snake Goddess amulet with me. So, the first series of my Painting-Amulets are dedicated to my beloved Snake Goddesses.

Every amulet is unique and looks different. For the creation, I use my self-made natural colours and as a coating a self-made beeswax varnish. Therefore, the amulets are water-repellent.
A Snake Goddess amulet helps you to connect to the secret, ancient messages of the Earth Goddess and to ancient wisdom. Be open to ask your questions while holding the amulet and to receive sudden insights.
Additionally, your amulet offers you protection and helps you to keep healthy boundaries. This is especially important for empaths and very sensitive ladies. Do you have the feeling that sometimes people take you for granted? You help others and get nothing back in return? You cannot say no if someone asks you again and again to help but never cares for you? The amulet helps you to create your protective space and your healthy boundaries.
Further, the amulet can be included in your New Moon Rituals. Snakes can shed their old skin, so you can free yourself from old habits, patterns, beliefs who are not beneficial for you and hold you back. You can hold the amulet in your hand and ask the Snake Goddess helping you to assist you in the process of transformation.

Every amulet comes with a cotton cord, however, you can create your own cotton cord. You can even combine the cotton cord with a knot magic spell. Additionally, you also get a small hand-made bag to keep the amulet.

The first amulets are already available in my etsy store and my web-site (also in French). More amulets will arrive soon!