Good Morning Lovely Humans of WeHeartIt

One goal that I have yet consistently needed to achieve has been waking up early and being super productive.

I have this knack for wanting to be productive and wakeup and get things done and by the time lunch time rolls around I just get to chill and enjoy the rest of my day. Truth be told, that isn't always the way it goes.

However, I have created habits that have helped me feel more productive and start me on the right foot and also some things that I wold love to incorporate more into my routine. So you need a little boost in your morning routine, keep on reading.

01. Wakeup at the same time daily

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This one is one of the goals that I have been meaning to make as a consistent habit and that is to wake up at the same time daily. Waking up at the same time every single day regardless if its the week or weekend is important because it helps your body self regulate and wake itself up when it needs to.

02. Coffee

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Okay, this isn't an essential but it is for me. Honestly, the thing that gets me up in the morning is the promise of a warm cup of coffee. It's summer here in California where I live, so I try to switch it up with ice coffee, but its coffee non the less.

03. Make My Bed

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The thing that makes me feel really productive is when I make my bed in the morning. A bed takes a big part of any bedroom and so making your bed when you get out of bed and making a habit of it makes it better when it comes

04. Take up a hobby

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I like to use the morning to do something for me. In the mornings, I like to journal and read a chapter or two from a book. Maybe reading isn't your thing or journaling, but maybe you want to paint in the morning. Taking time in the morning to do something that you genuinely enjoy puts your interest at the top instead of feeling burnt out with the long to do list of things you have to do for others.

05. Breakfast

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I like to a have a healthy and filling breakfast in the morning. When I wake up right away I'm not really hungry but If I take my time to do a filling breakfast and I usually eat it on my way to work or while I am at work and I'm setting up for work.

06. Peaceful Music

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While I'm drinking my coffee and journaling I like to have peaceful music in the background to help me peacefully concentrate on my music. I have a few playlists on spotify that I like to follow and other times I just prefer to listen to a podcast, so it just depends on my mood.

07. Skin Care

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When we think skin care we usually think washing our face and putting moisturizer on or some of you might use that time to wipe down the mascara from yesterday. However, skin care means not just our face but using a dry brush or moisturize your body with lotion or oils or place a hair mask on your hair just take those few minutes in the morning to really pamper yourself. Even if it's remembering to put sunscreen on before you head out the door.

Hope you found that a little helpful. One of my favorite boards lately has been my weekend board and I love it because it's a reflection of what my perfect morning and weekends look like, sometimes sleeping in a little or cuddling or just letting my skin drench in the sun rays.

By the way I just want to say thank you too all who have been following me recently. I hit 5.6k followers and it looks like you guys have been enjoying my winter style collection that makes me so happy.

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