If you asked me to define myself with a word i would say "fangirl" so i wanted really bad to do this article :3 There's a lot of Marvel on it, maybe too much, but here we go.


six tv shows

Marvel, phil coulson, and grant ward image euphoria, Jules, and rue image agent carter image Janet, darcy carden, and background image sex education and tv shows image runaways, show, and shows image
Agents of SHIELD, Euphoria, Agent Carter, The Good Place, Sex Education, Runaways

six movies

Avengers image knives out image bucky, chris evans, and civil war image fantasy, game, and jumanji image Back to the Future image Image by kindalostgal
Avengers Endgame, Knives Out, Civil War, Jumanji (1995), Back to The Future, The Parent Trap

six animated movies

onward image dreamworks, kung fu panda, and kung fu image brave, disney, and merida image Image removed spiderman, peter parker, and miles morales image Image by Ariel0358
Onward, Kung Fu Panda, Brave, The Incredibles, Spiderman Into the Spider Verse, Big Hero 6

six female characters

Marvel, skye, and quake image agents of shield, elizabeth henstridge, and jemma simmons image endgame, Avengers, and scarlet witch image Marvel, peggy carter, and agent carter image euphoria, zendaya, and rue bennett image euphoria, angel, and film image
Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, Wanda Maximoff, Peggy Carter, Rue Bennett, Jules Vaughn

six male characters

los angeles, Marvel, and peggy image Abusive image actor, clark gregg, and agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. image fitzsimmons, Marvel, and baby dolphin image series, the good place, and tv image Avengers, iron man, and Marvel image
Daniel Sousa, Peter Parker, Phil Coulson, Leopold Fitz, Michael, Tony Stark

six friendships

gif, Marvel, and peter parker image black widow, captain america, and Marvel image Marvel, skye, and ward image sex education, bestfriends, and maeve wiley image Marvel, samuel jackson, and brie larson image euphoria and lexi howard image
Peter & Ned, Nat & Steve, The Bus KIds, Aimee & Maeve, Carol & NIck, Rue & Lexi

six relationships

jemma simmons, fitzsimmons, and agents of shield image couple, 5x22, and melinda may image euphoria image Marvel, spiderman, and zendaya image gif, Marvel, and peggy carter image Avengers, loved, and Marvel image
Fitzsimmons, Philinda, Rules, Peter & MJ, Peggysous, Pepperoni

six actors

tom holland image clark gregg image Image by m actor, hombre, and man image jacob elordi image jeff ward image
Tom Holland, Clark Gregg, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jacob Elordi, Jeff Ward

six actresses

zendaya image chloe bennet image closer and natalie portman image euphoria and hunter schafer image elizabeth henstridge image Anne Hathaway, beauty, and brunette image
Zendaya, Chloe Bennet, Natalie Portman, Hunter Schafer, Elizabeth Henstridge, Anne Hathaway

six female artists

beyoncé image music, photography, and singer image olivia rodrigo image daisies, katy perry, and katheryn elizabeth hudson image zendaya image Image removed
Beyoncé, Daya, Olivia Rodrigo, Katy Perry, Zendaya, Maggie Rogers

six male artists

why don't we image 90s, aesthetic, and bling image jason mraz image beau, concert, and man image guy, singer, and eben image idol, yellow, and labrinth image
Why Don't We, Bazzi, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Eben, Labrinth

That's it!! thanks for reading <3