❝it's too much to handle when
i'm already having difficulties breathing and keeping track of my
heartbeats and making sure that my limbs are doing what
they need to be doing.

men are so beautiful
but this heart is so

i am every vulnerability that the thesaurus has to
offer me and in a certain light it's impossible for me not to pull you
towards me with the intent of kissing the very life
out of you.

what i'm trying to say is that you are not allowed in.
what i'm trying to say is that all i want is to open myself up and have you rearrange me, untangle the gold chains of my heart, love me for
every shade of blue that i have hidden in the silent spaces
between parentheses.

i have sworn off of falling in love,

but i know that in the morning, outside ,
in the pale frost of february,
all i'll want is to hold another person's hand, warm and
in their coat's pocket.❞

- shinji moon, the anatomy of being

h ✧