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Hello everyone! As I've established, I'm a huge Disney fan. Plus, my dad is an AMC member, so I saw pretty much all the appropriate movies (all Disney movies) before the virus shut stuff down. Here are five of my favorites.

Finding Nemo

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This movie came out two years before I was born, but I started watching it at around three and never looked back. This was one of my two favorite childhood Disney movies. I'm not sure what I liked about it; it's probably because the main character was a little kid like me.

The Lion King

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The Lion King is another oldie. The animated version that I loved watching as a little girl came out in 1994. Again, I'm not sure why I watched this movie so many times, as I can't recall the inner workings of my younger mind. But I did love musicals when I was younger.


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This is yet another one of my childhood favorites. The lights scene is one of my favorite all-time Disney scenes, if not the favorite.


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I was eight when this Disney princess movie came out, and it was super popular! I loved the song, and I knew all the words to Frozen as well as any little girl. I love Elsa as a Disney princess because we all doubt ourselves. Plus, who wouldn't want amazing magical powers? And bonus, Elsa and I have the same personality type.


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My profile picture kind of gives away this one. Another cliche movie, but what can I say? I love an independent Disney princess with no love interest, a temper, ridiculous determination, and a love for animals and the water.

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