hihi !!! in this article, i'm going to rank nct dream's title tracks. this is my opinion so don't get pressed or anything !! okay here we go

7. chewing gum

chewing gum, gif, and smrookies image
i actually used to love this song when it first came out but now it's cringey whenever i listen to it </3

6. we young

gif, mv, and we young image
i love the choreo and the song is good but same with chewing gum it's a little cringey to hear now sorry

5. go

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the song is a little repetitive but honestly i loved the concept so much

4. ridin'

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loved the song a lot but it doesn't really beat any of the other concepts for me

3. boom

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this concept !!!! i loved this song at the first listen and i honestly don't get tired of it at all

2. we go up

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this was so so close to being number one anyways i always feel happy whenever i listen to this and the whole concept and everything is just what i needed <3

1. my first and last

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i can't even explain how much i loved this song.. it's so perfect like there are no flaws and i just love this i literally can not explain my love for mfal

thank you for reading this article !!! i love you all and have a good day mwah <333