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Hello all you guys, gals and non binary pals. As some of my followers know I decided that once a week maybe Fridays, I will make a article like this but with different themes. Themes may consists of other fandoms characters, my OCs, films and TV shows on a whole plus more. This is the third in that series. This is...


So that being said lets get into it.

art, amino, and editing stuff image

➸ Allison Argent

brown and curly hair image gun and aesthetic image fight me image gryffindor, hogwarts, and harry potter image Image by Private User water, girl, and grunge image

➸ Lydia Martin

ginger, madmax, and tumblr image amazing, highschool, and memories image dollhouse image aesthetic, funny, and ghosts image cinematography and teen wolf image 90's, hipster, and home image

➸ Erica Reyes

lips image dark, forest, and light image quotes, hero, and woman image quotes, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, locker, and werewolf image nails and black image

➸ Malia Tate

Image by . ♡ american honey. Image by lottie kejser punch, people, and quotes image quotes, words, and run image teen wolf, teen wolf screencaps, and teen wolf aesthetic image girl image

➸ Kira Yukimura

little women, pretty, and trini alvarado image school image girl, quotes, and bite image girl power image fox, animal, and butterfly image lacrosse, kira teen wolf aesthetic, and teen wolf image
aesthetic, divider, and doodle image

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