hihi !! today i'm going to rank nct 127's title tracks from my least favorite to my most favorite. this is my opinion so please don't get pressed or anything </3 okay let's go

*this also includes japanese title tracks !!!

11. touch

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tbh i do like this song but i'm not a big fan of this concept aksjgkf

10. chain

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i love love love noise music but this... has too much noise i'm sorry still a bop tho

9. simon says

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i dont' know what is about simon says that puts me off hhh i do love taeil's high note tho iconic

8. wakey-wakey

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this is my favorite japanese title track and it always will be i just really loved the diversity of this song so much

7. fire truck

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i loved this debut but this era is probably my least favorite from 127 ajhksd

6. cherry bomb

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cherry bomb is just mwah this was such an era for them

5. limitless

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same for fire truck, i absolutely love this song but this era wasn't really it for me

4. regular

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honestly a cultural reset this song went way above my standards and it's such a bop

3. kick it

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i wasn't expecting this concept but i really do love it and the song itself is amazing

2. punch

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when i first listened to this i didn't think i was actually going to like it this much and they all OWNED this concept honestly one of their best comebacks

1. superhuman

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SUPERHUMAN !!! at the first listen, i just knew that this song would have a special place in my heart for all eternity and nothing else will ever beat this comeback

thank you for reading !! now go stream punch and superhuman <3