Name: Addie Taylor Locke
Age: 16/17-19? (the timeline for this show is insane)
Nicknames: Addie, Locke, Blondie

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Addie was born in Massachusetts, and lived there until she was 12 when her parents got new jobs in Wisconsin, and they moved to Point Place. There she met her neighbors, the Kelso's and became friends with one of their sons; Michael Kelso. He introduced her to his group of friends and she'd been a part of their group since.
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Appearance: Short blonde hair, brown eyes, 5'5", thin (swimmer's body)
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Personality: Addie is a big feminist, and is always cheering on women. She can also be a bit aggressive and has a touch of insomnia so she doesn't get that much sleep.

Positive Traits: Nice, kind, stong, courageous, fighter
Negative Traits: Sensitive, cranky, can be a bit of a bitch at times

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Hobbies: Reading and painting. Addie also likes music, swimming, and TV.


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On a daily basis
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Michael Kelso: Kelso was Addie's first friend when she moved to Point Place, and is also her neighbor. Kelso is like a stupid older brother to Addie, he means well but sometimes he can be just an idiot.
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Donna Pinciotti: Donna and Addie got along really well when they first met. They are both a bit tomboy and both are strong women who fight for women's rights.
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Eric Forman: Eric and Addie bonded a lot on nerdy stuff like Star Wars and D&D once Addie convinced him to try it. Addie is like a little sister to Eric, and he stands up for her when she needs it (which isn't often).
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Steven Hyde: Hyde and Addie got along with the same taste of music and they were both a bit of troublemakers. They both make a lot of sarcastic quips with each other and seem to understand each other and have a level of trust.
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Fez: Fez makes Addie laugh with his puns and when he gets mad and says "Good Day!". They also share a sweet tooth and Addie is the only one Fez will share his candy with.
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Jackie Burkhart: Jackie and Addie don't get along that great, mostly because Jackie annoyed Addie. But then she kinda grows up and Addie tolerates her.

Love Interest

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Steven Hyde: Hyde had a crush on her for years, but because this guy loves suppressing all emotion, he never fessed up to his feelings until Addie confessed to him around the same time Donna and Eric broke up. When Fez and Kitty plan that party for Hyde to help him find a girlfriend, no one knows that the two are dating until Hyde announces it and leaves the party with Addie under his arm. They date throughout the rest of the series (meaning there is no Jackie and Hyde even tho its my fav ship on the show).
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