Hi guys! Just saw this nice tag and I really wanted to do it! I like to write a lot, it's one of my hobbies. So let's do this!

1. How long have you been writing?

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Since I'm 7-8 years old. I always loved to write little stories at school.

2. Why did you start writing?

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Because I have a lot of imagination, I like to create. It's also a good way for me to vent when I don't feel good.

3. Do you write (or used to write) fanfictions?

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I still write fanfictions about my favorite video game, Fallout 4.

4. Which genre do you like to write the most? (ex:fantasy, romance etc)

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I like to write new romance and post-apocalyptic.

5. Describe your writing in 5 words or imagines.

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Realistic, sensual, short, interesting, suspense

6. What do you outline before writing a story? (plot, characters, world, etc.)

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I like to make a detailed sheet for every character. I also do a plan with the main actions and situations of the story in chronological order. It's more simple for me this way.

7. Wattpad or EFP?

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8. Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

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Mostly here on We heart it or during my day. I also get inspired during the night by my dreams!

9. Protagonist or Villan? Why?

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Protagonist, because I suck at creating good villains.

10. Do you listen to music while writing? If yes, what genre?

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I listen to movie soundtracks and playlists made by myself to help me create a mood. I don't really listen to a particular genre, but music helps me a lot to create.

11.Happy or Sad ending?

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I will say sad endings because I like to write them intense and breathtaking.

12. Favorite writer(s)?

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I don't really have a favorite writer, to be honest.

13. If you feel comfortable, leave a piece of your book (or his plot) here

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Here's a little part of my new work, an erotic short story : "A month ago, something changed inside me. Deep down in my mind, there was a feeling who was buried but emerged as I met your gaze. Never taught I would meet someone like this again. There was burning flames in my stomach. Adrenaline flowing through my blue veins. Pupils were wide as I met yours. You were new in the neighborhood- that is why you asked me what I was doing. “Just the casual work”, I replied with my dry throat. I was hypnotized by the way your face was shaped. Made by God himself."

And another article is done! I hope you liked it. If you want inspiration for your stories, go follow my "Writing inspiration" collection below.