so you want a cute boyfriend/girlfriend but you're too chicken to make the first move, therefore, you just secretly stare at them, hoping a relationship would form? sighs how to break it to you.....that's not how it works, baby! here are some flirting tips for my fellow hopeless romantic~

1. eye contact

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people are attracted to confidence and eye contact convey exactly that. if your crush is pouring their heart out, telling you their life stories, stare into their eyes deeply. not in a creepy way of course. let your eyes relax. you'll appear more seductive and sexy. if they stumble with their words, congratulations! you've made their heart skip a beat with your captivating gaze.

2. specific compliments

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compliments are always nice but "you look really gorgeous" or "your outfit is beautiful" aren't gonna cut it. instead, try complimenting their distinctive features. "i absolutely adore the beauty mark underneath your lips" or "I love how the tip of your nose slightly turned up" are some examples. even if you want to compliment their outfits, try to be more specific. it shows that you pay attention to details rather than throw in some quick, basic compliments.

3. physical contact

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humans love feeling another human's skin because they crave warmth. but don't be creepy. i'm referring to simple physical contact like touching hands, arms, shoulders, hugs. if you happen to laugh at their jokes, teasingly tap their shoulder. if something's on their face, tell them you'd check and softly brush your finger against their cheek. give them hugs when you both met or part ways. they'll feel strong connection and chemistry with you.

4. casually ask them out

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don't look at every opportunity as "going on a date" because it can put pressure on both of you. keep your cool and be casual. ask them to have coffee with you at a local cafe, study together at the library, play this new video game that just came out, eat at a new restaurant that you just found. the purpose is to spend more time with them. they'll be more comfortable to tag along if you exactly specify the kind of activity that you asked them out to do.

5. give little gifts

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don't wait until a special occasion to give them presents. give them little gifts you got from your trip to show that you actually thought about them when you were away. give them little gifts and tell them "just because it reminds me of you". or give them gifts that you think will remind THEM of you. they'll be flattered to know that you're willing to spend money on them.

6. don't be afraid to text first

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stop overthinking. no, you don't seem "desperate" for reaching out first. you don't seem needy or clingy either. just like how you anxiously wait for their text, they're also sitting on the edge of their seat, waiting for the little ding. ask them if they got home safe, tell them you enjoyed their company. most people let loose of their feelings via text so don't miss the opportunity to text your crush.

7. send them memes

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if you can make them laugh, you've probably already won over their heart! who doesn't love a good meme? sharing memes is a great way to express your interest. you can tell what kind of people they are depending on the type of memes they share. sharing memes also shows that you have a sense of humor, the best kind of people to be around.
i'm saying all of this from my past experience and so far, i haven't failed so i really hope someone out there would find these tips helpful. important: don't try to be someone you're not and remember to always be patient. never rush a relationship and savor every moments you get to spend with them. it all comes down to loving the right people in the end :)