Hi! This is another questions tag article. These are just random questions, but it's fun to look for pictures for them, which is why I enjoyed writing this article. This article was inspired by:


Here is the link to her article:

1. What superpower would you like to have?

hands, light, and photography image magic, galaxy, and hands image
the power to heal

2. What color would you dye your hair?

black, fashion, and girl image hair image
I've been wanting this deep red hair for a while

3. What's your dream place to visit?

clouds, hand, and girl image quotes, memories, and travel image
I don't have a dream destination so I'd just like to travel the world :)

4. Describe your fashion style in one word

dress image earrings, heart, and aesthetic image
It's very hard to describe in one word since it's so specific, but the biggest theme (also confirmed by online style quizzes) is feminine

5. How much time do you spend on this app?

bag, fashion, and outfit image laptop, white, and bed image
quite a lot lol

6. Lemons or lime?

aesthetic, food, and lemon image beautiful day, tumblr, and cocktail image
lemons! Though I love all citrus fruit <3

7. Can you say 'I love you' in 5 languages?

beautiful, love, and couple image horse, animals, and sunset image
yes! (more than :)) <3

I hope you enjoyed this article!