i hope you're doin great!

before i began i may ask you some questions

are you back to school?
do you still have the same friends?
where did your glow up lended to?
have you learned something new?
are you healthy?
what are your new habits?

now, till this day quarantine has effected you positively and you must be grateful for it
but i want you to know no matter what you're goin through rn, everything will be okay just be positive about things in your life
bcz that's one of the things you learned in quarantine
as much as other things i don't want you to forget you to not forget

  • you deserve to choose what's best for you
  • take a break now n then to restore your mindset
  • people come n go so just focus on yourself
  • you only had bored ppl talking to you and all ur friends disappeared
  • learn to only attract positive things into your life