Music heals you

Music is not just music to me. it´s something more that just sounds or lyrics.

Music can take you to a whole different world. A happy world, a sad world, angry world and a world that is free.

A free world that lets you be who you want to be, lets you express yourself the way you want. A happy world that brings you happiness and makes you feel alive.

The music makes one want to invest, have the hope up, dream and never give up. But can at the same time give you the feelings. Not to dare to invest, no hope, evil dreams and wanting to give up.

The music tells you..
how you should live your life as It were your last day. Or being sad about somethings is okay, or that you should not waste your time being sad on people that don't deserve those tears, or how wonderful It is to fall in love with someone. Music helps you to put your emotions into words.

I will probably never understand how music can have such a big impact on us. But one thing I understand for sure Is that we really need music to HEAL. To HEAL ourselves, our bodies, our mindes, our memory.

- M.p